Flood Barriers

We specialise in the manufacture and installation of Flood Barrier systems.

  • Demountable Flood Barrier System

    All features of our demountable flood barrier are additional and more enhanced than any other demountable system available, therefore ensuring the most robust and superior flood defence:

    • No tools required for deployment in seconds
    • Bespoke Ground U Channel to ensure watertight seal
    • Anodised aluminium, maintenance-free
    • No width or height limitation
    • Proven to work in real-life floods

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  • Temporary Flood Barriers

    We offer a range of temporary flood barriers to suit a wide range of premises and application types:

    • Multi-cellular Concertina Flood Barrier
    • Tempo-Dam Water-filled Flood Barrier
    • BoxBarrier

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  • Self-Closing Flood Barrier

    A unique, automatic flood defence system which is highly suitable for rapid onset flooding, when there is little time to deploy manual measures.

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  • Automatic Hydraulic Flood Barrier

    A self-closing, non-electrical automatic flood defence system.

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